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Next Net Meeting Nov 21st, 2018 7:00 PM

146.850 Repeater, 123 PL

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Dear Juneau County Radio Club Members;

    It has been a rough year for the friends that usually donate a large portion of our operating budget. The Apple Dumpling Days were canceled due to the flooding in Elroy. The chili cook-off netted about $200 profit, even though we did not have any chili entries. I encourage all that can participate in either or both The Apple Dumpling Days and The Chili and Bread cook-off to do so, even if you can only spend as little as 1 hour, this can help and is appreciated.

    In the past 5 years we have been able to upgrade our repeater system to Yaesu digital repeaters, then again upgrade them to the latest back in January.

    I would like to invite all to the meetings now being held on the net once a month. I have tried to get them scheduled on the website best I can.

    I have a question : please send an email below to answer.

    Who has the digital radios that can use that feature on our repeater system?

    If you don’t should the club buy one that can be distributed to the members, one at a time to demonstrate the capabilities of the digital equipment, at your specific locations? Please let us know.

   If you have any items that you would like to bring up do them on the net or contact us at, please write an email so we have your latest email address.

President.jcarc@gmail.com or treasurerjcarc@gmail.com .



Next test session

Feb 9th, 2019 @ the Mauston Ambulance Building

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FCC 'paperless' Amateur Radio license policy now in effect

Starting February 17, the FCC no longer routinely issues paper license documents to Amateur Radio applicants and licensees. The Commission maintains that the official Amateur Radio license authorization is the electronic record that exists in its Universal Licensing System (ULS), although the FCC had routinely continued to print and mail hard copy licenses until this week. In mid-December, the FCC adopted final procedures to provide access to official electronic authorizations, as it had proposed in
WT Docket 14-161 as part of its "process reform" initiatives. Under the new procedures, licensees will access their current official authorization ("Active" status only) via the ULS License Manager. The FCC will continue to provide paper license documents to all licensees who notify the Commission that they prefer to receive one. Licensees will also be able to print out an official authorization - as well as an unofficial "reference copy" - from the ULS License Manager. "We find this electronic process will improve efficiency by simplifying access to official authorizations in ULS, shortening the time period between grant of an application and access to the official authorization, and reducing regulatory costs," the FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB) said. According to the WTB, the new procedures will save at least $304,000 a year, including staff expenses. ARRL

From the International Space Station:

The image below was received via SSTV from the International Space Station as it flew overhead on February 1st, it was a very good pass and the signal was very strong. The caption below the image reads : 80 years since the birth of Yuri Gargarin, who is the first Russian cosmonaut. The ISS was transmitting a series of 12 pictures via SSTV over the weekend.

ISS Image Feb 1st