The Juneau County Amateur Radio Club owns and operates a repeater on the Sheriff's South Tower, site in the Town of Plymouth. Input 146.250, Output 146.850 PL 123. We have recently put a new repeater at the north tower site in the Town of Necedah, in northern Juneau County. Input 147.810, Output 147.210 PL 123. Both repeaters are Yaesu DR-1's                                              For more info visit
  The Juneau County Sheriff's Department along  with Emergency Management have been doing a 1.7 million dollar upgrade to the communications system in the county. This includes putting up new towers and upgrading existing equipment. The reason I bring this up is our communications equipment is located on the same towers and buildings as the sheriff's department. They have graciously allowed us to use there sites which we greatly appreciate. During the upgrade it was necessary to take one of our repeaters off the air and reduce the coverage of the other repeater.   Once the upgrade is completed we will be back on the air with the two repeaters functioning and linked together as before. Sheriff Brent Oleson has  given us the exclusive use of there old communications building for our equipment. Update 12/03/2014 Len N9QIP has been helping the club resolve the repeater issue on the South Tower, presently he has installed a temporary repeater for our use until we get our repeater repaired. We greatly appreciate Len's help.  Stay tuned... Howard KC9IVJ