Ham Radio Classes

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Registration has ended for the spring class. Please check back for dates of the next class.

  Registration is required.

To join or for more information contact: Brian WD9HXC add the words " Ham radio class" to the subject line. Email To: brianv@wd9hxc.com WHAT“RADIO EXAM” I will take? Our students are given the option to prepare for the entry level exam which is being offered by the Juneau county Amateur Radio club at the Hatch public Library in Mauston. The exam consists of 35 questions, all multiple choice, in subject areas including electricity, electronics, wave propagation, antennas and radios, proper use and etiquette, electrical safety, regulations, and emergency planning. You will study a pool of about 426 questions, and a passing grade of 26 out of 35 questions is all that is needed to get a Technician Class license. There is no cost for the class but to take the exam one must show 2 forms of ID and pay $14 this charge is a national exam charge by the VEC. Class materials are $21.95 +Shipping if ordered online www.w5yi.org. The book we will use in class is shown below: GWTM-14S_Book They can also be purchased for 10% discount from the Juneau County Amateur radio club. Another option is $69.95 from www.w5yi.org .This option has the class materials and comes with a hand held radio. See the image below: Radio-City-180-X-150-8-28-2013