Ham Radio of Juneau County, Wisconsin

Welcome to the Juneau County Amateur Radio Club and Juneau County ARES/RACES website


April 22nd 2023, 9:00am Parks On The Air (POTA) Buckhorn State Park-Shelter C

See Upcoming Event page for more info


Next Net Meeting May 15th, 2023

@ 7:00 PM

The Ambulance Garage, Community Room in Mauston, 302 South Union St.

Test Session Schedule

February 11th, June 10th, August 12th, October 14th 2023

All are Saturdays, and we will try to schedule them at the Ambulance Garage, They will also be listed with the ARRL test sessions Website. Email testjcarc.ve@gmail.com

Any question contact email president.jcarc@gmail.com, treasurerjcarc@gmail.com